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seeing current society spanarchicly while adding on to panarchist thought!

January 13, 2009

This was posted on’s forum and I wanted to share it here in case, for whatever reason, this post doesn’t survive there… Let’s see if the html i used there is good here (i.e. color text anyone?!)

Was reading Adam K’s contributions to panarchist thinking (i take it, a subset of anarchist thought?) in the same thread as the below post, and had some ideas i thought i might add, as well as spring a few angles that i think panarchy is missing.

Adam shares:
“1. Changing People’s Views
I assume that if some people succeed in opting out of current political constraints, others won’t like that, and may well try to stop it.” Then goes on to give an example with the soviets.

I didn’t get that. Adam, are you talking about today’s political constraints, or something under panarchy?

[b]In spanarchy, rebels are encouraged (i.e. DISSENT WELCOME!). [color=#f66]And then they are given ample time to articulate and illustrate their positions–all while the techniques that coercers have used since the beginning of “civilization” are systematically demystified.[/color][/b] [i][b]So, you have a prime time TV show where crucial arts practitioners actually aid the rebel in articulating themselves via radically creative theatre. “Commercials” then come on which take certain statements “by the horns”. [/b][/i]This might all be pre-recorded, or their might be some programs, such as where the rebels PERSIST in feeling under-defended, where some sort of LIVE show that INCLUDES ALL audience members’ input in creative ways, is aired. Perhaps even as a SERIES.

Think about THAT ONE. Instead of “soaps” like “Days of Our Lives”, you might have something where persistent rebels, in groups or as singles (etcetera) “art themselves” in such a way as to interest further thought!

You take a step outside of all the values of current prime time t.v. spectacle and propaganda interests, and you can play with this in much-enjoyed abandon!

2. Good that you’re saying that panarchy need not be interpreted as a demand or ideal, but i don’t get how this is so (i take it you’re trying to steer around the post-left anarchist critique of ideology?). If someone who currently controls a territory doesn’t immediately relinquish control, they still have to at some point, right?

Spanarchicly, this would be done by [i]crucial artists[/i] [b][color=#f9f]whom have been able to reach the heart of such a controller,[/color][/b] and move such controllers to see the value of sharing, while their input would, depending upon the level of their natural authority (as opposed to coercive dictation), [i]help lead[/i] in the vision of the communities involved. (And possibly including the input of those not directly involved, too!)

No hierarchy here, once you get beyond the martial structure! Albeit, i think i would have to write up a story about such *crucial arts* in action before many would grasp this angle, yes?

Further on #2:
The idea that people would carry their “political rights” with them through other territories…hmmmm….[b][color=#6f9]something to think through, perhaps in story form.

Hm, what if a few of us here took on one or two “places” in such a story? And then “acted it out” here? Would any of you give yourselves permission?!?[/color][/b]

#3.1 An idea i have to expand upon the idea of letting (but who gets to let them? Incormal community consensus?) some have certain privileges (i.e. your sample of ambulance drivers able to exceed speed ‘limits’). So i thought of, for the grumblers from the “masses” something:

A live TV/radio/internet show invites those who want to drive fast to something [b]like (germany’s) Autobahn.[/b] There would likely be preliminary levels to go through in which to “qualify” (and save beratement from mothers who’ve lost their teenagers in wrecks), such as virtual races at first. And then a “trial” in heavily-padded go-carts (heh). And so on until they got a chance to:

A. Be consensed into the Autobahn Clan (a territory where fast drivers live)

B. Be encouraged to imagine (via something like Dissent University?) and create THEIR OWN angle on such a clan.

And the bottom line would be that, while they obtain their desires, they also GIVE SOMETHING BACK.

To conclude, if we can allow ourselves to move beyond the trapped thinking that’s been planted in us, we could have A LOT OF FUN with all of this. AND inspire MANY who are currently struggling within ways of doing things that they erroneously believe is “all” that is supposedly “possible”!