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violent methodology falls far too short in today’s realities

August 19, 2010

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Note: This line of thinking is part of a semi-“new” project I’ve been honing for the past 15 plus years. It comes from direct experience in the context of intense actions I’ve been a part of and have actually “led” in certain ways. And, it has proven to have openings for inspiring sanity which the so-called “alternative” of violence pointedly does not (except where violence “works” only as a last-ditch reaction or effort to the insanity of martial method –as meted upon so many “third world” peoples).

First, an intense example of the miring effect (like a huge tar pit) where the taking up of arms (or violent response in general) against the State and its minions is this facinatingly instructive:

Look at what happens. Even with the best of reasons. Read this and educate yourself to reality. And possibly learn something crucial!

So can such be avoided?

Maybe not. As history shows (i.e. the much documented illegal f.b.i. program called “cointelpro”), once viewed as “threatening” by extremely sensitive leading martial strategists, even projects fully oriented to the liberation of humanity from tyranny and severe alienation (aka oppression) are likely to be conceived as a threat, even where no designs exist to badly treat or execute the aggressors.

Their dogmatic belief seems to be impossibly stuck in the idea that ALL dissent expressed outside the herd, if allowed to even take shape, is a threat. But perhaps I’m missing something? Perhaps there’s a meta context? Like so much of what passes for political news –leaving out crucial truths because of the orientation of politicians to mobilize and antagonize.

Where am I getting these ideas from? A self-instruction course of “intellectual self-defense” of a wide variety. Studying propaganda (i.e. Jacques Ellul), for one. And institutional analysis (i.e. Chomsky).

And what do I come out of this all with? Not giving up, for one. And two, the bottom line, realizing the value of not getting caught up in any of the confines laid out before us all (whether from the Right, Left, Moderate, or any other political and propaganda-stuck source).

 What is life worth if we don’t try our bests?

What is life worth if we don’t bring our truly inspired humanity, our creative intelligence, to the fore (and, yes, I mean beyond current anarchic practices of “Us vs Them”). And into a methodology of inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness, of radical’s radical empathy, rather than some new hierarchy!).

Not allowing ourselves and our hearts to be trampled, of course, yet not trampling the largely, I think, hidden hearts of the aggressors (and those whom goose-step in their families around them).

Think it through and then let’s speak. Let’s get to the grist of this stuff. And remember, just because it’s been “the” tactic of anti-authoritarian thought since the 1800s doesn’t mean it’s truly valid today.


Depth of Trudell’s Detroit speech misses heart, re: ruling class alienation realities

August 12, 2010

The above, from June 24, 2010 should have excerpts from a speech/sharing by John Trudell, a Lakotah wisdom-keeper.

I agree with him quite fully, except where he doesn’t go into the severe alienation reality that foments the systematic pattern of corralling and controlling we the masses. He mentions them as vampires, and metaphorically that works. He mentions them as reptiles, and again, metaphorically, that fits. Yet, that method doesn’t build a bridge at all. It keeps people perpetually entrenched.

We don’t want to be trampled, we shall not cooperate with authoritarians and their perpetual war machine at home and abroad, and yet,  someone has got to take the “first step” in being radically human. Or radical’s radically human. To try to grasp the hidden heart, the heart within their armors and fortresses of mind-set and severe alienation from the rest of us!

Do we want to perpetuate alienation? How are we going to face this reality?

I like to share the following insight with folks whenever i get the chance:

All of these “ruling class” folks began their lives under coercion pressed upon them from their elders when they were kids. Intuitively they might dissent as any organic human (not yet fully colonized) would when faced with unfair treatment or authoritarianism. They were told, “shape up or ship out”; they saw others whom dissented “made an example of”, they were told that if they didn’t conform (to The Way Things Is) that they would be put in a psychiatric ward, or a military boarding school, or be excluded from the family will. All kinds of threats (i’m sure i’ve just touched on the tip of the ice-berg) were made, and thus most learned to shut up. Most learned to follow the Given Reality and, to quote Trudell from elsewhere, “go along with the program”. Some continued dissenting. Gore Vidal is an example of one hailer from material wealth who found ways to survive in his dissent. Others drank into oblivion. Recall that Pres.Bush II sniffed cocaine as a young man, but was put “back on track”.

The same reality applies for “greenhorn” idealists going into, say, the social work industry as young offspring of the ruling class. They may have high hopes (i.e. Princess Diana, anyone?) only to see them dashed when the enormity of the bureaucratic-like structure of formal coercion brings them to “the truth”; no one points out that “no man is an island” and needs to have a network of support to back their great-spirited ideals up. No, they “mature” and become “realistic” and replicate bureacracy as we all know it. The same holds true with the ruling class “shared values” ghetto, I think.

More could be said on this, and I may say it in the future. But for now, perhaps food for thought!