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Neither Left nor Right, just uncompromizingly anti-authoritarian

February 10, 2009

Enjoy the new art here. It is anti-copyright, so that means all non-corporate/non-profit-oriented entities may utilize it freely. My main interest is to “get the word out” about decolonizing consciousness in general. And if my art aids you in this endeavor, please use it! (And, of course, i wouldn’t mind hearing from you about using it!)

Those who may want to make shirts (etc.) out of this stuff need to contact me about their project, first. Thanks!

phightfearSpirits often “speak” through me, via my unconscious, bringing me gifts they’d “like” me to share with the human world. Having been severed from my indigenous consciousness (as a descendant of various tribes of europe), i can only share these; there’s no more to say other than what you might or might not get out of them.

Anyway, one way of spanarchy is to engage in “radical empathy” (perhaps more aptly named “radical’s radical empathy) with human beings and our currents. Informally. That is, when human beings are allowed to be outside of the systems they/we are surrounded by, our private thoughts can come out to the light.

an early version of this peice..No “scientific” studies needed here, this is the stuff of our shared intuition. You either can hear such yourself, or you have been made into such a “good” robot that all you hear are your constant orders.

an early version of this peice..

3spiritsspeakConstant orders, you ask?

Think about it awhile. Here’s a bit of a launch:

Orders to conform with fashion, lifestyle, get a job, be Nice, Shut Up and Go Along With the Program, and so many many others!

The trick with spanarchy is that while we see the value of empathizing with human beings *informally*, we apply our critical consciousness to the ways in which people are *formally* utilized for such things as “human resources” and/or other tools of formally organized severe alienation.

Severe alienation: The “normalized” society all around us which we take for granted, but can’t help thinking (usually privately) that things could be so much better…

Intense alienation: war. In all war’s forms. From the everyday “taken for granted” (i.e. the just-ice/professional system and how it has been imagined and continues to be “implemented” and “deployed”, to what we have been more popularly trained to think of such as.

Who wants to be the first to argue these?!?highoninformation-copy